Why “Chrism and Coffee?”

I believe that we can find great beauty and joy, and experience growth, equally through the extraordinary and mundane, through both sacramental experiences like being marked with holy chrism, AND the caffeine-fueled daily moments that both challenge and delight us. I believe that God works in all circumstances, whether sealed with sacramental power or marked by cold coffee stains. This newsletter is my attempt to share stories, lessons, and words on embracing growth in all seasons and circumstances.

What’s in the letters?

Once a month, you can expect the same structure and format: A short story, a few journaling prompts, a recipe, beautiful and/or thought-provoking words from other writers, and a short prayer or meditation.

About the Author

I am a Catholic freelance writer on issues of faith, culture, and family life. I am a regular contributor to Catholic Women in Business and my work has been featured in Verily Magazine, The Federalist, Public Discourse, FemCatholic, Catholic Mom, Everyday Mamas, and many more. You can read more of my writing or reach out at alexandramaceydavis.com.

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Stories about finding meaning in both the sacramental and the ordinary


Alex is the managing editor of Public Discourse. She writes the Substack letter Chrism + Coffee, reflections on finding the Good, True, and Beautiful in the ordinary.